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Study Manuals and Packets

These manuals are study materials for those who wish to become certified commmercial pesticide applicators or licensed pest control operators in the state of Tennessee. For information regarding certification and licensing please see PSEP Info Packet.
To order a copy of any certification or licensing manual from which the test is taken, you may print, complete and send the Study Material Order Form with full payment to our office.
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Certification and Licensing Manuals and Packets
(Older manuals and packets are listed, but not available on web.)
CORE Manual: Applying Pesticide Correctly - Used with all certification categories
Certification Manuals Licensing Manuals
Category 1: Agricultural WDO: Wood Destroying Organisms
Category2: Forest Pest Control GRC: General Pest & Rodent Control
Category 3: Ornamental and Turf WEC: Weed Right-Of -Way
Category 4: Seed Treatment AQW: Aquatic Weed
Category 5: Aquatic Pest Control FUS: Fumigation-Agricultural
Category 6: Right-Of-Way BDC: Bird Control
Category 7: Industrial, Institutional, Structural & Health Related Pest Control AGE: Agricultural-Ground Equipment
Category 8: Public Health Control HLT: Horticulture-Lawn & Turf
Category 10: Demonstration, Research and Regulatory Pest Control HRI: Horticulture-Interior
Category 11: Wood Preservatives PHMC: Public Health Control - Mosquito
Category 12: Pesticide Dealer Aerial
Category 13: Anti Fouling Marine Paint FUM: Structural Fumigation
Category 14: Microbial Pest Control
Category 16: Sewer Line Treatment

Study Lists for Licensing Categories
AGE - Ag Ground and Equipment AQW - Aquatic Pest Control
BDC - Bird Control FUM - Fumigation (Structural)
FUS - Fumigation Soil (Agri.) GRC - General Pest & Rodent Control
HLI - Horticulture - Interior HLT - Horticulture - Lawn & Turf
PHMC - Public Health Mosquito Control WDO - Wood Destroying Organisms
WEC - Weed & Right of Way

Additional Study Materials (free)
No materials available at this time

To protect people and the environment, pesticides should be used safely. This is everyone’s responsibility, especially the user. Read and follow label directions carefully before you buy, mix, apply, store or dispose of a pesticide. According to laws regulating pesticides, they must be used only as directed by the label.

Pesticides recommended in this publication were registered for the prescribed uses when printed. Pesticide registrations are continuously being reviewed. Should registration of a recommended pesticide be canceled, it would no longer be recommended by The University of Tennessee. Use of trade or brand names in this publication is for clarity and information; it does not imply approval of the product to the exclusion of others which may be of similar, suitable composition, nor does it guarantee or warrant the standard of the product.